Ash Roots

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A Millennium Book

The Foreword Reads:
” “Ash Roots” began as an idea to celebrate the end of the Millennium in Ash Parish.

A meeting in the Village Hall, fronted by Val Grosset and Richard Hughes, started the ball rolling at the end of March 1999.

The idea of “Ash Roots” was to create a flavour of village life throughout the twentieth century using photographs, maps, deeds and anecdotes collected from all corners of the Parish. Val enjoyed the hours spent collecting, researching and collating the information as it now appears. 

Sadly, Val did not live to see the completion of the book, but “Ash Roots” is dedicated to her memory. “

A 78 page book of photographs and extracts 1900-2000
A copy of this book is held in the Shropshire Archives