VE Day 75

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Today the world fights a hidden, unseen virus – our new heroes are the front line, doctors, nurses, carers and many others who keep our services and utilities going. But this time 75 years ago the enemy was Germany and Japan and our heroes were those serving in the armed forces.  Whilst we rightly remember and pay reverence to those who went, but didn’t return, we often overlook those who did return and those on the home front as they “kept the home fires burning”.

This week is the anniversary of the final days of that war in Europe and on Friday 8th May is the Anniversary of the Allied Victory in Europe. It is an opportunity for us to commemorate and pay homage to the extraordinary effort of our parents and grandparents and reflect on their sacrifice and endeavour.

It is an opportunity to give thought to and to remember their efforts and save for the posterity of future generations a record of life as it was then. Therefore, we would like to capture the memories of that era – your stories and tales or those told to you, photos, books, pamphlets, papers, badges, coupons and other paraphernalia from that era.

If you have, or know of anyone who is willing to share, photographs or stories from the 1940s here on this page, please get in touch we would love to hear from you. 

Adolf Zeleny  &  Adolf Opalka


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